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Postdoctoral Scholars

Ekhlas Sonu
Postdoctoral Scholar

Multiagent sequential decision making (Toyota) 2016-2018

Katherine Driggs-Campbell
Postdoctoral Scholar
Human-centered modeling, decision-making, and control (SAIC) 2017-2018
Changliu Liu
Postdoctoral Scholar
Traffic modeling and neural verification (CARS) 2018
Di Wu
Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar
Transfer learning and environmental sustainability applications
Amir Maleki
Postdoctoral Scholar
Safe imitation learning, dynamic modeling, and validation (DARPA/Allstate) 2019-2020
Ayan Mukhopadhyay
Postdoctoral Scholar
Robust machine learning for multiagent systems (CARS) 2019-2020
Ransalu Senanayake
Postdoctoral Scholar
Safe interactions of autonomous systems (Toyota) 2019-2021

Master’s Students

Jonathan Cox
Graduate Student
Aircraft ground delay optimization 2013-2016
Chris Ho
Graduate Student
Graph control (LL) 2014-2016
Hao Yi Ong
Graduate Student
Unmanned aircraft traffic management (NASA) 2014-2015
Yegor Tkachenko
Graduate Student
Deep reinforcement learning (SAP) 2015-2016
Max Egorov
Graduate Student
Target surveillance under ballistic threat (ARL) 2014-2017
Yi-Chun Chen
Graduate Student
Event-driven game theory (NASA) 2015-2017
Rui Shu
Graduate Student

Variational autoencoders 2016-2018

Ethan Chan
Graduate Student
Unmanned aircraft traffic management (NASA) 2016
Rish Bhargava
Graduate Student
Unmanned aircraft traffic management (NASA) 2016
Pol Rosello
Graduate Student
Multi-object tracking (SAIC) 2017
Boqi Li
Graduate Student
Deep learning for automated driving (SAIC) 2017
Apoorva Sharma
Graduate Student
Deep learning for air traffic rerouting (FAA) 2017
Alex Kuefler
Graduate Student
Deep driving models (Ford) 2016-2017
Blake Wulfe
Graduate Student
Deep learning for decision making and risk models (FAA/Allstate) 2016-2017
Atli Kosson
Graduate Student

Deep learning for EEG data 2017-2018

Shane Barratt
Graduate Student

Terminal airspace modeling 2017-2018

Saud Alsaif
Graduate Student

Ethics of automated driving 2017-2018

Julien Boussard
Graduate Student

Deep learning models from EEG sleep data 2018

Hamza El-Saawy
Graduate Student

Automotive safety (Allstate) 2017

Nate Gruver
Graduate Student
Airspace modeling using imitation learning (Lincoln) 2018
Shantanu Thakoor
Graduate Student
Formal methods for deep neural networks (FAA) 2018-2019
Michael Kelly
Graduate Student
Automated driving and robotics (SAIC/DARPA) 2018-2019
Derek Phillips
Graduate Student
Real time driving risk analysis (Allstate) 2018-2019
Peggy Wang
Graduate Student
Autonomous driving (2019)
Joe Vincent
Graduate Student
Formal methods for verifying neural networks (DARPA) 2019
Michael Thompson
Graduate Student
Deep neural network models of behavior (Lincoln) 2019
Jennifer She
Graduate Student
Reward redistribution in reinforcement learning (Lincoln) 2019-2020
Tony Kim
Graduate Student
Probabilistic trajectory prediction (Ford) 2021
Chris Strong
Graduate Student
Neural network verification and optimization (DARPA) 2020-2021
Ahmed Ahmed
Graduate Student
Monocular depth estimation for collision avoidance (2019-2021)
Ross Alexander
Graduate Student
Connected vehicles (2020-2021)
Tomer Arnon
Graduate Student
Neural network verification (2018-2021)
Kyle Hatch
Graduate Student
Deep reinforcement learning (2018-2022)
Mary Cooper
Graduate Student

Reliability of AI systems (2023)


Austin Cai
Automated driving modeling and simulation (2020)
Lydia Chan
Perception and planning in unknown environments (2019-2021)
Dea Dressel
Aircraft collision avoidance analysis (2020)
Samantha Kim
Pedestrian models (2018)
Amelia Hardy
Neural network verification (2018)
George Supaniratisai
Human driver models (2017)
Jerry Zheng
Trust in autonomous systems (2017)
Saylor Brisson
Robust decision making (2016-2017)
Ashe Magalhaes
Solar car optimization (2016)
Derek Phillips
Driving models (2016)
Makena Ehnisz
Deep learning for formation control (2016)
Eric Hong
Acquiring and curating driving data traces (2016)
Danish Shabbir
Quadcopter testbed development (2015)
Jaak Uudmae
Interactive visualization of dynamic target surveillance (2015)
David Jackson
Planning with continuous action spaces (2014)
Mario Chris
Moving target search (2014)
Fiona Meyer-Teruel
Algorithms for planning under uncertainty (2014)
Max Drach
Collision avoidance system translation (2014)
Julian Kawawa-Beaudan
Probabilistic driving models (2014)
Grayson Amour
Automated driving (2022)
Yasmine Alonso
Machine learning and data science

Visiting Scholars

Jane Blore
Visiting Scholar (USAFA)
Decision making under uncertainty curriculum development (2016)
Zongzhang ("Charles") Zhang
Visiting Scholar (Soochow)
Belief state planning and reinforcement learning (2018-2019)
Jinkyoo Park
Visiting Scholar (KAIST)

Multi-agent deep reinforcement learning

Ali Baheri
Visiting Scholar (West Virginia University)

Safety and verification in learning algorithms

Visiting High School Teachers

Victoria Docherty
Ignited Summer Fellow
Curriculum development on robotics (2017)
Shahram Mostarshed
IISME Summer Fellow
Curriculum development on autonomous systems (2016)
Renee Trochet
IISME Summer Fellow
Curriculum development on optimization (2015)
Julia Roberts
IISME Summer Fellow
Curriculum development on optimization (2014)

Visiting High School Students

Jimena Gamero
High School Student
Machine learning for astronomy (2019)
David Cabrera
High School Student
Embedded programming for electronics (2019)
Ivan Morales
High School Student

Robotic perception (2018)

Cara Ip
High School Student
Deep learning (2016-2017)
Benny Morales
High School Student
Partially observable Markov decision processes (2015)


Edgar Guzman
Visiting Undergraduate (CalPoly Pomona)
Haptic navigation for the visually impaired (2019)
Martin Holder
Visiting Graduate Student (TU Darmstadt)
Automotive radar models and state estimation (2018-2019)
Markus Schratter
Visiting Graduate Student (TU Graz)
Decision making for autonomous vehicles (2018)
Carl-Johan Hoel
Visiting Graduate Student (Chalmers)
Online belief state planning for automated vehicles (2018)
Paul Wagner
Graduate Student (TU Darmstadt)
Automotive safety validation (2017)
Bohan Wu
Visiting Undergraduate (Columbia)
Deep reinforcement learning (2018)
Andreas Reshka
Graduate Student (TU Braunschweig)
Automated driving (2016-2017)
Matthew Montoya
Visiting Undergraduate (University of Texas, El Paso)
Multi-agent reinforcement learning and neuromorphic implementation (2017)
Derrick Rivera
Visiting Undergraduate (New Mexico State University)
Multi-agent reinforcement learning and neuromorphic implementation (2017)
Makdoht Afravi
Visiting Undergraduate (University of Texas, El Paso)
Deep learning for formation control (2016)
David Wagner
Visiting Undergraduate (USAFA)
Unmanned aircraft encounter modeling (2016)
David Giongco
Visiting Undergraduate (UC Berkeley)
Planning under uncertainty (2015)
Deon-Pilar Petgrave
Visiting Undergraduate (Morgan State)
Autonomous driving (2015)
Philipp Robbel
Visiting Graduate Student (MIT)
Local multiagent control in factored planning problems (2015)
Tanmay Shankar
Visiting Undergraduate (IIT Guwahati)
Unmanned aircraft visual simultaneous localization and mapping (2015)
Matthias Untergassmair
Visiting Graduate Student (ETH Zurich)
Automated driving under uncertainty (Ford) 2019-2020
Tommy Tram
Visiting Graduate Student (Chalmers)
Autonomous driving in complex situations (WASP) 2019-2020
Patrick Babb
Visiting Undergraduate (CSU Fullerton)
Deep learning on TPUs (SURF) 2020
Grace Kim
Visiting Undergraduate (Harvard)
Transfer learning from simulation to real (SURF) 2021
Ann-Katrin Reuel
Visiting Graduate Student (UPenn)
Ethics of automated driving (SERI) 2021
Daria Onitiu
Visiting Researcher (University of Edinburgh)
Trustworthy autonomous systems governance 2022
Bertrand Charpentier
Visiting Graduate Student (TU Munich)
Epistemic uncertainty and deep learning models 2022
Matthew Jackson
Visiting Undergraduate (Morehouse College)
AI safety (LINXS) 2022
Michelle Ho
Visiting Undergraduate (Princeton)
Planning under uncertainty for space robots (SURF) 2022


Arjun Tambe
Technical Engineer
Assistive technologies (TRI) 2022